Frank H. Cicerale
May 29, 2007
The Household Budget
Since this particular {{{Mustang}}} is driven by a husband and wife, it's only right that a budget be kept. While we don't do this often with our project cars, we figured this would be a good way for everyone to see how much one can invest in their ride in the name of performance. Keep in mind that this tally includes prices for parts only. The original cost of the car and labor rates are not included here as there are variables to both figures.
PartManufacturerPart No.Price
Handling PackFRPP{{{M}}}-2005-FR3$1,299.00
Super PackFRPPM-6066-M463V$4,899.00
Billet Oil Fill CapFRPPM-6766-MP46$44.00
Valve CoversFRPPM-6582-3VBLK$269.00