Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
December 16, 2013
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Honorable Mentions

Jason Hall | 1989 Fox 500 Mustang

After seeing Jason Hall's GT500- inspired Fox-body on the Interweb, we had to feature it. Jason has not only transplanted a '07 GT500 drivetrain into his '89 LX coupe, he also fitted the Shelby's interior and floorboard/firewall into the Fox. Outside, he's given his Stang a new coat of Bright Atlantic Blue Paint and installed 10th anniversary SVT Cobra wheels. His desire to create something entirely different proved he is worthy of a Top 10 nominee spot.

Mike Jovanis | 1989 Fox-body

Mike Jovanis has been competing in NMRA True Street since 2010, and his '89 LX Mustang has taken the crown five times. We like the clean approach, and the fact that the LX looks like a typical 11-second player but it runs low 8s! It still has stock seats and a working stereo, and Mike says he uses the car around town more than he races it.

It's powered by a DiSomma Racing Engines 347ci small-block, equipped with a custom GT5088 turbocharger and a clean turbo system. He's currently gone a best of 8.36 at 168.30 mph at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland. After several runner-up spots in years prior, he earned two True Street titles in 2013 and plans to keep that going in 2014.

JLP Performance | 1999 SVT Lightning

Few have come as far as Johnny "Lighting" Wiker, owner of Johnny Lightning Performance. JL made a name for himself racing Lightning trucks, and he's been competing in NMRA's Truck and Lightning class for the last 12 years, earning an NMRA championship along the way. His '99 Gen 2 supercharged Lightning has currently run a best of 8.19 at 163.87 mph.