Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 1, 2009

Baer Brake Systems
Baer's business began with its Fox Mustang packages, and the company offers a variety of performance brake solutions for every Mustang built since 1965. The company's resume includes extensive research and development in a number of racing environments, and MM&FF most recently used Baer's Monoblock six-piston calipers on Project Stolen Goods. Shelby also taps Baer for its line of high performance brake upgrades for the company's vehicles.

Baer brake systems come in a variety of configurations that include various caliper and rotor designs, and chances are, they have whatever you need for whatever Mustang you drive. Base systems employ two-piston PBR calipers, and from there, you can step up to the four- and six-piston aluminum calipers. Baer brake offerings for '05-up Mustangs include upgrades from direct replacement performance pads and rotors (DecelaPad and DecelaRotor), upsized two-piece rotor packages that employ the OE calipers (Eradi-Speed), and fully integrated Baer Claw big brake systems with six-piston calipers and 14- or 15-inch rotors.

Baer's PRO+ package employs their all new P-Series six-piston caliper and is targeted at delivering maximum performance for dollar spent. Machined from billet aluminum, features include an internal fluid transfer (only an inside bleeder required), stainless pistons for low thermal transfer, road-going dust and weather seals, stainless abutment/noise suppression springs, radial mounts, and a pad common to the OE C5 or C6. This pad selection ensures that service pads and compounds are available from nearly every performance pad manufacturer on the planet. It is also a shape that is inexpensive relative to its substantial size.

The company's most recent product is its new S197 rear-brake setup, which is designed to eliminate the rear brake bind during hard cornering. Baer claims precious seconds have been shaved off lap times at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in testing. With the design of the Ford 8.8, the clutch packs expand and push the axles out against the caliper pistons, which provides inconsistent pedal effort and pressure. Baer claims its new floating rear caliper solves this. The component is designed as a complete and direct bolt-on, and makes a substantial improvement in braking. It can be used wherever a c-clip axle is used.

Baer Inc.
3108 W. Thomas Rd., Ste. 1201-Q
Phoenix, AZ 85017

The Brake Man
With 42 years in the braking business, the Brake Man, otherwise known as Warren Gilliland, knows a thing or two about stopping automobiles. Though not an openly popular braking company, The Brake Man's list of clientele features some of the big names in racing, and consists of numerous sportsman and professional class racers.

The Brake Man has customers ranging from Top Fuel dragster driver Antron Brown, to SCCA champ Tom Ellis, and most everyone in between. "The hardest part is getting people to listen long enough to convince them that better brakes create more speed," says Gilliland. The Brake Man tells us that the company offers the only zero-drag caliper on the market, which is said to make a noticeable difference in turns and sometimes require a suspension adjustment because of the free-rolling nature. Gilliland also suggests that proper brake ducting/cooling is essential, and tips consumers to pick a brake pad that offers a consistent temperature.

For the '94-'04 street Mustang, The Brake Man offers its Storm System, which features the Tornado forged four-piston calipers, ProCast, Revolution or Hurricane rotors (depending on application), as well as pads and stainless-steel lines. Rotor diameters range from 12.19 to 14.00 inches. Also offered are a 12.19-inch standard rotor for SCCA competition and a 13-inch upgrade for NASA American Iron. Lightweight drag racing systems are available, as well as upgrades for the Ford Expedition and Ford Focus.

The Brake Man
838 Calle Plano
Camarillo, Ca 93012
805/987-STOP (7867)