Marc Christ Associate Editor
December 1, 2009
Photos By: Staff

Fuel Upgrades
Typically when power is increased, fuel consumption is increased. Since our LX had a stock fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator, we knew it was a good time to upgrade, especially since we didn't want to start running lean with a new set of cylinder heads. Lean conditions can cause a misfire or detonation, to name a few issues.

Since we have bigger plans for our coupe, we went with a 255-lph pump. It may be overkill for our current setup, but now we won't have to go back into the tank. The pump kit comes with everything needed and installs easily. Two things we suggest purchasing separately are the filler neck seal on the tank and a fuel filter. The filler neck seal is prone to leak, and it's always a good idea to replace your fuel filter when replacing the pump.

Along with our pump upgrade, we decided to go with an adjustable fuel-pressure regulator and gauge. Using our chassis dyno, we were able to adjust fuel pressure to achieve our target air/fuel ratio.

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