Frank H. Cicerale
December 1, 2008
Photos By: courtesy of Crazy Horse Racing

The only regrets we had with this install was the fact that we didn't install a set of shocks and struts along with the springs and suspension components. In calling the Hotchkis tech line, the recommendation was to throw in a set of Bilstein shocks, which, according to Winter, would further enhance handling. "I think the Bilsteins are the best shock when it comes to a handling application, and if we had the chance to put them in, you would really feel the difference between the stock stuff and the new components," he says. In addition, Hotchkis says that the only other components that he would have added to the car would have been "upgraded steering and braking systems." We might just have to do that soon. In the meantime, we show you how we installed the Hotchkis suspension system on Project Yo Ken, and stay tuned. We might just have to throw some power at this Pony to really test the suspension's limits.