Pete Epple Technical Editor
March 16, 2012
Photos By: Evan J. Smith, Marc Christ

Place: 2 Yousif Al Huwaidi • '99 SVT Cobra

When Yousif Al Humaidi confirmed that he would be attending our shootout, we were very excited! A Four-Valve with a 91mm turbo has the potential to make serious steam. The white New Edge was one of the first cars to arrive, and it gave us a chance to look it over. As soon as we opened the hood, it was apparent there was a lot of time and money invested in the build—it was impressive to say the least.

The combination was designed by Yousif. "The whole idea was to build the ultimate street car," explains Yousif. "I wanted a lot of power without sacrificing too much of the driveability." The engine was built by Al Papitto of Boss 330 Racing in Vero Beach, Florida. Its 301 ci of displacement, topped with ported Four-Valve castings from Champion Racing Heads and a Sullivan intake manifold, is a solid base for big power. Add a 91mm turbo to stuff it full of air and its hard not to make power. Unfortunately, mechanical issues limited its power.

On the dyno, the car had spark issues, which caused a misfire as it came into the meat of the rpm curve. When the turbo would finally spool, the engine coughed, and we weren't able to rev past 5,500 rpm. Though the car still made 816 rwhp, the redline is at 8,000 rpm—much higher than the 5,500 we turned on the dyno. After numerous attempts and numerous aborted runs, the most boost we saw was 19.30 psi; according to Yousif, the turbo will make 40 psi! Imagine how much power it would have made with 40 psi at 8,000 rpm.

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Yousif Al Huwaidi • '99 SVT Cobra
Engine Displacement 301 ci (Four-Valve)
Transmission TKO-600
Power Adder 91mm Turbocharger/nitrous
Cylinder Heads Champion Racing Heads Ported Four-Valve
Camshaft(s) Boss 330 Racing Custom Cams
Fuel Injection System Big Stuff 3
Rear Gear 3.27:1
Tires Mickey Thompson Drag Radials
Max Power 816 rwhp
Max Torque N/A
Max Boost 19.30 psi