Pete Epple Technical Editor
March 16, 2012
Photos By: Evan J. Smith, Marc Christ

Place: 1 Julio Don • '89 Mustang GT

Julio Don came into our dyno contest a major unknown—sort of. His trusty LX has proven itself in True Street competition with a best e.t. of 9.21 at 149 mph, but all of the tuning had been done at the track.

He knew the power was there, but how would he stack up? Although Julio's GT is a track star, it had been four or five years since the car had spun the rollers, and he had no clue how much power it would lay down— especially with a Powerglide transmission.

Julio is the owner of Alky Controls, a Tampa-based water/methanol-injection company. Julio's GT has been an R&D tool, as well as rolling billboard for the company. The combination is a 348ci short-block, topped with Holley Systemax aluminum cylinder heads. Boost comes from a single 88mm Precision turbo, and an Alky Control water/methanol kit keeping inlet temperatures low and power up. A two-speed Powerglide built by Trans-R-Us Plus in Palm Harbor, Florida, backs the engine, with a TCI converter setting it all into motion. Hoosier drag radials meet the road.

Once strapped to the Dynojet, Julio set the tune in the FAST FXI fuel injection system to more conservative settings and the boost controller to 16 psi. Once the Powerglide was in Second gear, we laid into the throttle. Less than 2 seconds later the run was complete. After the rollers came to rest, we were rewarded with 760 rwhp and 620 lb-ft of torque—not bad for a super-rich 9.6:1 air/fuel ratio. The second run netted similar numbers, but after some tweaks to lean out the A/F, a jump from 16 psi to 24, and a little time to cool, Julio's GT laid down 901 rwhp and 730 lb-ft of torque on its final run, taking the top spot in the process.

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Julio Don • '89 Mustang GT
Engine Displacement 348 ci (pushrod)
Transmission Powerglide
Power Adder Precision Turbocharger (88mm)
Cylinder Heads Holley Systemax
Camshaft(s) Cam Motion (specs undisclosed)
Fuel Injection System FAST XFI
Rear Gear 3.55:1
Tires Hoosier Drag Radials
Max Power 901 rwhp
Max Torque 730 lb-ft
Max Boost 24.69 psi