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June 15, 2010
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Another perfect finish was made by the 11-second winner Darius McLaughlin of Boerne, Texas (11.000). His '65 Mustang coupe is powered by a 408ci Windsor with a 150-shot of nitrous. Bringing victory to the late-model crowd was Rich Volberg of Jacksonville, Florida. His '09 GT500 averaged 12.064 second, enough for the 12-second win. Volberg's Torch Red GT500 sported the stock Eaton with a pulley, as well as suspension and exhaust upgrades.

Wayne Davis of Valdosta, Georgia, took the 13-second win with his clean, silver '91 LX. The mostly-stock notch features a naturally aspirated 5.0L and a five-speed gearbox. Victory in the 14-second class went to Clay Pate of Lenox, Georgia. He wheeled the white '93 LX hatch to a 14.014-second average. And True Street veteran Chris Parisi took yet another 15-second win with his V-6-powered S197. SBS
The top 16 finishers from Saturday's Tremec True Street event came back on Sunday for the MM&FF Spring Break Shootout, presented by For this race, competitors were allowed to open their hoods to make adjustments or repairs between rounds.

While it may seem that Seward had a lock on the field, he was knocked out in Round 1 after damaging his rear on launch. Darryl Buckner and his unique four-door '85 LTD took advantage and cruised to win with a 9.31 at over 146 mph. Alan Happel also won Round 1 with a 9.82-second over Darius McLaughlin, who ran 10.63. True Street/SBS-veteran Blair Brannock pulled off an impressive 8.19 at over 172 mph to take out Tony Whetstone's 10.29.

Meanwhile, Fort Meyers, Florida-native Chris Segura eliminated Ryan Herringdine of Middleburg, Florida. True Street runner-up Chris Escobar quietly took the win over Michael Jovanis, who made the 1,000-plus-mile trip from Wall, New Jersey. And Jason Borum eliminated Connie Greiner; Brian Bromley took out Ryan Doyle; and Craig Svader topped Jason Roberts.

In Round 2, Happel knocked out Buckner and Svader slipped past Bromley. Brannock blew the tires off at the start line and lost to Segura, and Escobar's 8.94 wheeled him past Borum's 9.28. With the sun still shining, the final four rolled to the staging lanes for the semifinals. Segura took the win over Happel, despite Happel's head start. And Escobar pulled off an 8.77 over Svader's 9.26 to set up the final.

Despite not having the quickest car in True Street, veteran Escobar turned up the wick and made his way through the field. He had a performance advantage for the money round, but Segura did his job and got off the line first with a 0.076-second reaction time, 0.019 seconds earlier than Escobar. Despite this, it wasn't enough to hold off the 10-time champ-Escobar cleared the traps in 8.80 seconds at 156 mph, while Segura trailed with a respectable 9.24 at 150 mph.

Escobar's clockwork-like SVO managed consistency and pulled through to score yet his second SBS victory in a row. It's not always about being the quickest or the fastest, but it does help if you're in the 8s.

"I was real happy. My car ran the best it's ever ran," Escobar tells us of his SBS victory.

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MM&FF True Street top 25 and winners

PlaceNameAvgWin Status
1Randy Seward8.669Winner
2Chris Escobar8.801Runner-Up
3Blair Brannock8.809
4Brian Bromley8.917
5Alan Happel9.0989-Second Winner
6Jason Borum9.140
7Chris Segura9.176
8Craig Svader9.523
9Darryl Buckner9.743
10Michael Jovanis9.822
11Tony Whetstone9.829
12Alexys Garcia10.00010-Second Winner
13Pete Gomez10.031
14Orestes Gonzalez10.073
15Julio Don10.174
16Ryan Herringdine10.278
17Jason Roberts10.330
18Dan Crouse10.711
19Ryan Doyle10.807
20Hector Hernandez10.960
21Darius McLaughlan11.00011-Second Winner
22Connie Greiner11.037
23Jeff Smith11.057
24Josh Tonski11.059
25Keith Lankford11.084
35Rich Vollberg12.06412-Second Winner
46Wayne Davis13.00613-Second Winner
54Clay Pate14.01414-Second Winner
62Chris Parisi15.11315-Second Winner

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