Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
March 7, 2014
Photos By: Evan J. Smith

The Big Unveil

If you've been following the build-up of Hypersilver, then you already know that our goal all along was to unveil it at the SEMA show. After all, it is the largest stage in the aftermarket. We had only begun a mere eight months beforehand, so finishing the build at all was a tall order, and finishing it the way (quality) we wanted to seemed almost impossible. But we trudged on.

What started as a bare (sandblasted and primed) shell on a rotisserie that we found on Craigslist, had to be transformed into a complete (and awesome) GT that would knock the socks off SEMA exhibitors and buyers. Chassis work began in March at Demon Motorsports, and by the end of July, Ryan Lowther had it all wrapped up. Then it was off to paint and body work at Spike's Performance. There, Dean Santiago worked his magic on the stock and aftermarket body panels, and then painted the Lightning Silver hue.

Last month, we brought to you Santiago putting the final touches on paint, and us hauling the freshly painted (still bare) shell to our tech center in Tampa. We actually delivered it to our office on September 26, exactly one month before it had to be on the hauler bound for Las Vegas. To say that we were under pressure would be a slight understatement. We made a promise to the companies involved, upper-level management, and you, the readers, and we were going to keep it.

We thrashed on it every day for a month until the very last minute, and somehow got it on the Reliable Transportation hauler in time. If anything important happened during that time period, then we probably missed it. Oh well.

The crowd waited for Editor Smith’s signal for the models to pull back the cover.

We met the hauler in Vegas and pushed Hypersilver into the Source Interlink Media (MM&FF's parent company) booth in the Central Hall of the LVCC. Somehow we had scored a spot in the coveted Central Hall, where the Racing & Performance, Restoration Marketplace, and Hot Rod Alley categories are exhibited. With some help from our friend Jim Dvorak of Mothers, we shined her up and installed the black cloak that would keep her away from prying eyes until Tuesday, November 5, at 11:30 a.m. By 11:30, over 150 people were gathered to see the unveiling. There were other magazines, online news sources, video cameras, and even Mustang icons, like Steve Saleen.

After a short speech by Publisher Mike Essex, Evan Smith thanked our sponsored and signaled for the shroud to be removed. After a few seconds (which felt like an hour), the crowd began to clap and cheer, flashes were going off, and cameras rushed in to get a closer look at what we had created.

Models Lindsay and Talor signed posters throughout the show.

After months of hard work, blood, and sweat, we were proud to share Hypersilver with other Mustang and Ford enthusiasts. For a video of the unveiling, go to and click the Videos tab.